Nurturing A Healthy Self Relationship – A Key to Healthy Intimacy with Others   

Human beings are hard-wired for connection and relationship.  This is evidenced by the number of people seeking to find love and the fervor with which they pursue it.  New dating apps keep popping up and dating and relationship coaches are flooding the coaching market.  These experts instruct us on how to find dates, how to behave on dates, how to better understand each other, plus much, much more.  These experts are very knowledgeable, and their strategies are extremely helpful and useful; yet they focus on the outer aspect of a person’s life – the outer world of ‘doing’ things and taking action. 

For us to have balance in our lives we must have a relationship with both our inner self as well as our outer self.  Honoring our inner life by setting specific goals that help to create powerful values-based beliefs will create a magnetic energy force that will attract those who share your beliefs.  One way to honor your inner life is to develop a regular spiritual practice.  There are so many ways to practice spirituality. If you don’t have a practice, do some research, and try a variety of methods: meditation, inspirations readings, spending time in nature – honoring nature, etc., are just a few examples. 

Honoring and adhering to high ideas and ideals, while improving your inner life will also improve your other relationships, including your love relationships.  In our quest for love if we focus too much on the “doing” and not enough on the “being”, we will tend to miss the “call” of the deep well of Spirit that is constantly seeking our communion.  When honor this communion, we are intimately connecting with one of our deepest and most intimate needs – for loving, belonging, and connecting.  Being in an intimate, caring, and nurturing relationship with ourselves generates an energy and a power that “calls” out to another person who is engaging in similar ways.  Attracting this self-nurturing and self-loving person then, will form a union that is nurturing, kind, healthy and loving.  When we nurture ourselves and give attention to those deepest parts of ourselves that need connection, we are being deeply loving with ourselves.  This harnesses a deep love that transfers to others.    


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