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Calling In “The One” Coaching

Most people looking for love start with the external — how to flirt: keep the gaze and then smile signaling you are interested; or how to dress on a date, how to keep the person interested in conversation, or online dating apps.

Continuing to work on the external does not get you to the internal beliefs and patterns that sabotage your relationships.

I am a Certified Calling In “The One” relationship coach, who is also certified in trauma studies. As a licensed professional counselor (LPC), I will guide you through the Calling in “the one” coaching program with a trauma- informed understanding of how to break the bonds that have kept you from experiencing healthy, loving relationships.

 The Calling in “the one” coaching program guides you to examine your beliefs and unravel those that cause dysfunction in your relationships and help you develop new ones that make you magnetic to love. It also teaches new skills and expands your capacities to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation to find out more about how I take you through the Calling in “the one” coaching program.

“Continuing to spin your wheels not knowing how to change so you can attract love will keep you from meeting one of your most organic human needs — to love and be loved.”

A Brand New You Will Emerge

You can be ready for a healthy intimate relationship because you will learn how to:

  • Feel safe enough to ask for what you need and want, knowing that sometimes you may get it and sometimes you may not
  • Feel safe enough to request that the relationship progress at a speed that is comfortable for you  
  • Feel and know you are secure enough to be true to who you are, speak your truth with self honor and courage, without denigrating your partner; yet, at the same time  allowing them to be true to who they are 
  • Give a new relationship time to assess whether you can indeed trust the other person    
  • Able to embody and live from your true identity of self-assuredness, worthiness, lovingness and  and self-valuing
  • Take full responsibility for your actions, making amends when needed, and forgiving your partner for their faux pas, knowing we are all doing the best we can, and none of us are perfect

As you love and honor yourself, you give that to others, and so it is returned back to you.

~ My Promise ~

If your trauma is too fresh or painful, I will help you determine whether you should be working first with a professional that provides trauma healing services.

We will work together to examine your past relationship patterns to determine the origins of your partner choices.  This will help you start anew with deep personal awareness, and new skills that will allow you to be confident in entering into a new love relationship.

My initial consultation is free. During the call we will discuss your relationship needs and how I might be of help. In addition, we will also discuss how Calling in “the One” has helped others like you.

If you do not live nearby, and would like to work in person, I can refer you to a trained and certified Calling In “The One” coach who is closer to you.

The Calling In “The One” program has been used to help thousands of people over the past decade, and it will prepare your entire being for healthy relationships in all areas of your life.

We can create a schedule that fits into your busy life.  We can meet in person if you are local, via Zoom, or via phone, and I do work some evenings.

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