Find Love After Trauma

I will guide you through the Calling In “The One” coaching program to prepare your entire being for true love

Feel confident, and know how to conduct yourself in an intimate relationship

End the cycle of heartbreak, and know how to request what you need and want

Bring intimacy and love into your life and fulfill your basic human need for deep connection

How To Work With Me


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In our call, we will explore your unhealthy relationship patterns and ways to create more healthy ones.
“Let go and open your heart to the possibility that there is something great waiting for you.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Get Unstuck

Open Your Heart to Healthy Love and Connection
with Calling in “The One” Coaching


Most people looking for love fixate on the external; for example, they focus on improving their appearance, thinking this is the key.

Looking good is important and may help to attract someone, but it is not the secret sauce that helps you to have healthy, safe and thriving relationships that are inspiring, mutually respectful, and fulfilling.

Calling in “The One” coaching guides you to examine your entire way of being so that you can identify, release and transform the false beliefs and painful patterns that have been sabotaging your love life.

Awaken to the true value of your worthiness to have closeness and intimacy and healthy love in your life.

Learn new skills and tools so you can create, sustain and navigate healthy love relationships in your life.

“Your task is not to seek love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”

~A Course in Miracles


“I had the opportunity to work with Sarah Howard, and boy, did it make a difference in how I looked at myself and my relationships.  Every lesson in Calling in “The One” helped me to face childhood fears, injuries and broken borders.  Sarah‘s easy guidance and nonjudgmental personality helped me to be open up and be upfront and honest with my transformation process.  I look forward to working with Sarah in the future.  Because of this course and what I learned about myself, I have decided to run for political office. Oh, and by the way, I called in the love of my life.
Thank you, Sarah.”

~ Kathy, Gary, IN

“Sarah was truly a God send at a very painful time in my life.  I am a therapist – and was helping other people with their relationships, but I had found myself in a toxic relationship with a man who had a personality disorder.  I knew it was toxic but could not seem to acquire the strength & courage to end it.  I was so very attached – even though I was being emotionally abused.  The more I got help from Sarah, the more I realized my attachment really came from my attachment trauma at birth and during my formative years as a child with dysfunctional parents.  And, what has completely changed my life is that Sarah guided me through powerful techniques to heal my infant & toddler parts of such trauma.  After only a few sessions to heal these parts, I was able to finally do what I had known for quite a while I needed to do – which is to end the relationship.  It took a while to completely release him from my heart – but, when I did, I stepped into a whole new place of freedom in my heart & life.  I am now dating – and able to go about this in an adult way, being discerning and taking a stand for what I know I truly deserve.  And, the quality of the help that I give others in my profession has completely surpassed what I was able to give before!  I am eternally grateful to Sarah!”


“One thing I loved about Sarah was her warmth and heart-centered presence. I felt so safe in this process – being guided by her wise and gentle support. She has the capacity to offer powerful mirroring and reflections that helped me gain more clarity in realizing who would be a perfect match for me, and to better navigate the dating process. The experience of being coached by her has me firmly centered in a place of great possibility for manifesting true love in my life, and also centered in my connection to myself. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be coached by Sarah!”

~ Jennifer, Denver, CO

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